And God created Colors!

God is unlimited in creative power and His colors are unlimited, too.  God delights in colors, and He uses specific colors to communicate specific messages us to us. Through revelation and experience, certain meanings and interpretations have been associated with different colors and these meanings help us to understand God and communicate Himself to us.

​Here's what one person received as she meditated on "Look Unto Heaven" ~


Brown —

Humanity— My eyes are on humanity and their need for our Savior. My own human frailties will not limit my service to God.

Harvest—I am one of Your harvesters, Lord.

Sowing—I continually sow Your Truths into this needy world.

Seed—You are the Seed; I plant Your seeds of Truth wherever I go.

“I lift up humankind to You as I sow the Seed of Truth into the fields of humanity for a great harvest.”

Black —

Death of old self—I am releasing all of the old man, dying to self. What comes out of my mouth now is purity, light, peace and salt (white). I also guard what I allow my ears to hear and my eyes to see.

White —

Praise for the totality of God—Lord, I praise You for being my Everything—my All in all!

God is my Beloved—You are my greatest Love.

Glory— I give all of the glory to You, as I bask in and enjoy Your splendor.

Light—I bring The Light of the World to a lost and confused world.

Holiness—I am holy as You are holy.

Purity—My words are pure, and my heart is pure.

Peace—I bathe in and carry Your peace,

Righteousness—…for I am forever in right standing with You.

Salt—You have made me the salt of the earth, so I bring that enhancement and flavor of your totality and Love to all.

Triumph—I triumph in Christ, while assisting others to do the same.

~ Nancy Ensley