"Artwork is my act of worship to God. Some people dance, some sing, I draw and paint. During the worship service, God may show me a message that He wants to tell His congregation, whether my local fellowship or His worldwide church. My artwork begins by asking God 'show me' or 'tell me what You want to say to this person'. God is a faithful God and has an important word for every one of His children. And He wants to talk to you more than you can imagine. Whether I sketch with colored pencils or markers or chalk or paint, God impresses images on me and I watch them take shape and their colors emerge. When doing a personal prophetic work for someone, the impact on that person is dramatic as God communicates something to them which wasn't known to me. Their appreciation of God flourishes as they receive this very private, very personal communication and then take the prophetic art with them to treasure the words of God for them forever."

~ Marv Watkins

Marv Watkins" YouTube interview by Cheryl Thomas for 
"God Encounters" ~