PROPHET:          'Spokesman for God'

PROPHETIC:       'Correctly foretelling the future'

PROPHESY:        'Building up, Encouraging, Comforting'

‚ÄčMeditate on The Lord, think about His power, His loving character, His unfailing compassion, and the supernatural glory and goodness of God appears in your life.   Contrary to  being a majic icon, Marv's artwork is a constant reminder of bible truths which change every part of your life!  With your art purchase comes Scripture to renew your mind and complement your meditation.  In your daily life, a brief glance at Marv's prophetic art stirs the Scripture you've read and suddenly!

If you need healing, focus on the healing power of Jesus in the picture "A Time To Heal".   If you have a loved one wandering lost, focus on "Meeting In Darkness".   If you just want a great piece of art, think of owning "King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords", it's beyond beautiful.   "Dove Over Waters" is softly dramatic, its colors uplifting with a perfect message for kids' rooms, too.

For a constant reminder that you are God's beloved,  for heaven's sake take  "The Lion Of Judah" home with you.

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Contact Us with your story of which picture you chose and why, then how your life has changed by what you've seen:  your revelations about God, your relationship with Jesus, your miracle.

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A testimony of The Lion Of Judah

Marv Watkins creates personal prophetic art during worship and in his studio.  When I met Marv at the Prophetic Art table, Marv prayed  then colored markers flew as Marv drew what He heard from The Lord.  He created a vivid and powerful picture expressing God's communication to me.

Then Marv turned the picture over and wrote what he'd heard.  Marv knew exactly what was going on and spoke God's blessings into and over my circumstances. 

Full  of the Holy Spirit, he is both a spokesman for God and tested and proven in his prophetic gifting.

Shortly after receiving a print of The Lion Of Judah I woke up catastrophically  sick.   When I did open my eyes, I saw The Lion.  He showed me Jesus, my Mighty Warrior, Defender, Counselor, and Comforter.  My Provider, Protector, Healer and Friend.  The Lion makes the invisible visible.

Looking at this picture, The Lord reminded me Who is on my side and what that means.  Marv's prophetic art brings the Scriptures into view and renews the mind.  Soon I was a new person because I was constantly thinking about Jesus, The Lion of Judah.  " . . . as He is, so are we in this world." 1 John 4:17

'. . . fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith . . .'

                                                                       Hebrews 12:12