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This painting was done for me by an artist that paints prophetically.  I was talking to him and telling him about how the Lord had been using me.

Even as John the Baptist “saw” the Spirit of God descend upon Jesus, I saw (perceived) the Holy Ghost come upon him.  Immediately, he whipped out a 4 x 5 card out of his pocket along with some highlighters and started drawing.  When he was finished he held it out to me asking me “Is this what your ministry is?”  I was amazed because with my spiritual eyes I saw it depicted there.  Don’t have a photograph of that one on my desktop right now.  But then he told me that there was more and he would paint it and get it to me soon.  This is it.


Prophetically, it is right on.  The one being ministered to is a woman.  To the far right, you’ll see depicted an angel, the gold is the Glory of God as He is reaching out towards me.  I’m the one covered with the Blood (red) of Jesus, and if you’ll note the facial features, they are ghostly, which means I’m being filled with the Holy Ghost being empowered by Him as I reach out my hand to those in darkness.

In between her hand and mine is a Golden Heart.  Only God and I know what that represents. 

That heart between our hands is symbolic of His love reaching out to those who are in darkness.  Further study of the picture reveals that His glory has already reached her heart and is changing it.

Marv Watkins  has on his business card LET HEAVEN SPEAK.  Heaven really spoke to me through this painting. 


Rachelle Hjertstedt Layzell:  Julia Harrison, you were more prophetic that you would ever know to show Marvin Watkins' painting again right there. Wow! 

Marvin Watkins, thank you soooo much for blessing the church with your powerful gift. God used you in such a visual way to make His point come across from what Pastor Joel has spent time preparing.